Monday, January 11, 2010

FCPS 1 MCQs and scoring sYsTem...

what is the ratio of MCQS?

Out of 100 MCQS,

80% MCQS are those that have been previously tested and accepted.
20% MCQS are pilot/test MCQS that are new and never been tested before.

How their difficulty level is set?

category 1
20% are simple, straight forward and very easy MCQS (difficulty 0). it tests the basic knowledge which is supposed to be known by ALL.

category 2
40% are a little difficult and tests knowledge regarding the basic. (difficulty +) those who have sound previous knowledge or those who studied recently are able to answer.

category 3
40% divided into 2 groups, ( these MCQS mainly discriminates between 70%-80% or above scoring)
1) 20% (difficulty ++) those who studied in depth can answer
2) 20% (difficulty +++) here luck counts more then study

can u tell me the example?

category 1 MCQ,
Q which is the abundant circulating phagocyte?

category 2 MCQ
Q what is the main cause of eosinophilia?
1.drug allergy
2.parasitic infection
3.blood transfusion reaction
4.type 1 hypersensitivity reaction
5.type 3 hypersensitivity reaction

category 3 MCQ
Q what is true regarding eosinophilia parasitic infection it is more than in type 1 hypersensitivity reaction
2.urine may contain eosinophils in interstitial nephritis
3.alpha granules contain Major Basic Protein.
5.eotaxin is released by neutrophils that attract eosinophils.

How they are scored?

now, here is the most interesting scoring system. To start with, i will say YOU MAY SCORE 99% BUT YOU CAN STILL FAIL. amazing but how??

category 1 MCQS are required must to be correct inorder to pass the exam. You have to answer most of them correctly, no matter how much high u score.

Average scores of FCPS 1 varies. Technically, one with good study is supposed to score above 70% and you can pass with this score (80plus scores are not uncommon, but above 85-90% impossible as far the pattern of examination is concerned) if u have done all category 1 questions right.

How the questions Pool is managed?

About the 80% from the pool questions,
In any exam,any MCQ which is scored right by 80% of the students is automatically deleted from the future pool and any MCQ which is scored incorrect by 80% of students is also deleted from future pool. hence any MCQ which is scored inbetween will keep in the pool and is likely to be repeated until and unless it is either scored 80% correct or incorrect, in which case it will be deleted

About 20% newly introduced questions
In any exam, aNY NEW MCQ will be counted if it is scored right by atleast 20% of the students, if not , it will be deleted and not counted at all. if mcq is done between 20-80% it will be counted and added to futurre pool. if the MCQ is done right by more then 80% students it will be scored and also will deleted from future pool.

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